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    th max is only lv35. iv been playing hko 4 just over 1 week now n im at lvl16 dose it get much harder 2 lvl up as u get higher (i hope it dose)

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    Yesh. I dunno about 'harder' per say, but it def takes longer. I was lvl 19 for about 3 weeks.
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    aww i hope they make more lvl's then

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    I play in the US/Can server, I don't play much, my avatar is called "Victorsaurus".

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    I LOVE HKO SO MUCH!!! but i dont have enough space on my computer.....

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    aww u can get an external hard drive if u need more space on ur pc (iv got 2 :/)

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    Why I live on Earth, of course!
    Now, i play on the US/C most of the time. My character there is level 30 (close to level 31 though) and the character name is Kitty_12.
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    I'm going to leave. I might visit again, so I'm leaving this signature as it is.
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    HKO Ingame name: Kitty_12

    I play on both servers. Need any help? Well, you can ask me for help! ^_^ I also play on Club Penguin and Bearville.

    However, I don't always use Kitty_12~ sometimes, you can find me playing my alt account. *wonders if I should tell my al- oh, I'll just tell.

    Alt Account ingame name: -Madoka-

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    I have been around since the first closed beta ^^. I mainly play on the US/C server, but I also have a character on Int. My IGN is shesroyaltee on both servers. I am lvl 30 or 31 on US/C and still a newbie on Int lol! I hardly played there and I don't think I plan on lvling up that account any time soon. I'm just sitting around patiently checking for updates and waiting for the game to be lively again. Miss it dearly!

    Yes, it is a bit harder to lvl up once you get to the higher lvls. It takes more time and effort, which is why I'm still at 30-31 and not 35 haha. One day...
    IGN: shesroyaltee (US/C & Int.)

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    I play on International server. racheeann lvl 10 i haven't played in awhile!

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    I am from US/Canada server and I am level 28, currently working on Beijing quests. It really is a ghost town. =c Because I spend most of my time in Beijing, I am actually lucky to catch 1-2 people on when I am on.

    US/Canada Server

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