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    Question Need help on if I could use a Macbook for HKO!

    Hi! Does anyone know if Macbooks are good for HKO? Reply to my thread if I either can or cannot. Thanks!

    - NuIrratik
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    You cannot run it on Mac. I have heard you might be able to with Boot Camp. I know nothing about it, so you would need to google it.
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    9. Will Hello Kitty Online be released for the Mac / Linux / any game consoles? No, HKO is only playable on a Microsoft Windows machine or a machine that is running some form of Windows. If you have a Mac and Boot Camp, you can install Windows on it and HKO will work just fine. The web components of HKO can be played on a Mac but the game client itself requires a Windows environment.
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    Be aware that installing BootCamp puts a partition in your hard drive. You'll have half your hard drive space in Mac and half in Windows. So, you won't be able to store as much in the Mac part of your computer... which is fine if you don't store a lot of pictures and movies.

    Also, speaking from experience, Windows works really slowly on a Mac... Prepare for lag.

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    Hmm... I'll try to download Boot Camp and experience downloading Windows if my computer lets me. But thanks for all the help and advice!

    - NuIrratik

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