Official Loyalty Points Page.

This table is to give you an idea what you can do to earn Loyalty Points fast. To be honest, I'm not sure how the quizzes work, but I didn't italicize them.

This really isn't a guide on whether or no the system actually gives you LP, or what specifically you have to do to get them (do we have to watch the entire video or just open one?), but it's just a general overview. If you have any tips you want to add please let me know!

This table is to give you an idea what you can do to earn Loyalty Points fast.

Need a level 4 farm? You need 1250 LP for it. If you do everything (and thus earn 1825 LP a week), itíll take around ~5 days to get the LP you need (if you get it all immediately). If you do everything but the creating a topic in the forums, itíll take 7 days.You can do the math for anything else you need.

This doesn't include the LP you might get for GM events and getting within the top 100 for a mini-game. With those, you'll get even more!

SLP Bonanza
With the increase in LP, it's doubtful that weíll ever get another 5x SLP event.

  • Tip about bookmarking/favorite videos: I know some of you may not wish to favorite videos you don't really like (but don't want to spend hours looking for one you do like). You can get rid of the videos you favorite! I'm fairly certain (although not 100%) that you'll get the LP for bookmarking it, and it won't go away even if you immediately take it off your favorites.
  • Tip for forum posts (not creating a thread, just posting in one): Head over to the Forum Games section! This place is an easy way to earn your 25 LP!
  • Tip for mini-games: The mini-games from the Mini-Game Manager inside HKO and the mini-games on SanrioTown are the same, but they each give you LP. That means, if you get 400th place in a mini-game on SanrioTown, and then 1st place in the same mini-game in HKO you'll get 208 points. 200 for getting 1st place and 4 points for playing the mini-game twice.

Hope this helps you guys!