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Thread: Candy!

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    In my imagination
    Japanese candy! ^.^
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    Quote Originally Posted by twink1e@mymelody.com View Post
    Any thing chocolate!
    I totally agree! ^ Be it chocolate with nuts, nougat, wafer, caramel centers... [and the list goes on]

    Reviving this post for Halloween. Happy trick-or-treatin'!
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    I love candy! My favorite hard candy is Jolly Ranchers blue raspberry (the square shape) and my favorite soft candy is original Skittles (red & orange & grape).
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    Shalour city? :o
    I eat nutrition bars I think those count~ A lot of them HAVE CHOCOLATE, too! :3 You people would probably like a lot of them XD Especially nugo darks, which have A LOT of chocolate coating on them.

    I also plan on getting this milk chocolate and coffee candy bar for my birthday It doesn't have a lot of added sugar from what I read in the nutrition facts, so I don't think it'll give me any meltdowns or serious tummy aches~
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