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    HKO Offline Event: Mystery Pet 20

    Hi everyone!

    How well do you know your Hello Kitty Online pets?

    Show us by joining the HKO Mystery Pet Event!

    You can win by simply telling us who is the pet depicted in the jumbled up picture below.

    The first 40 players to email the right answer and his/her details will win 500 SLP!


    1. You can only send one (1) entry or email. In case of multiple emails from one player, we will only consider the first entry sent.
    2. Please check the spelling of your answer. Wrong spelling will NOT be considered.
    3. Entry format should be as follows:

    In-Game Name:
    Account Name/Username:

    Mystery Pet Picture:

    Hurry up and send your answers now!

    This event will run from October 12, 2012 12:00 noon to October 13, 2012 12:00 noon SERVER TIME or EST.

    See you in-game!

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    The HKO Mystery Pet is now over everyone!
    So, did you guess who it was?

    This event’s mystery pet was BuffPuff!

    The following participant who guessed it right, and sent their entries on/after 12:00 noon server time!

    1. Emily
    2. mintchip
    3. Kedi

    The winner/s will receive 500 SLP for their prize.

    Congratulations to the winners, and stay tuned for another edition of HKO’s Mystery Event soon!

    See you in-game!

    The Hello Kitty Online Team

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