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    How to grow hair longer

    Hey guys I need some advice. My hair was short before, and now it grew up to my shoulders. I have split ends and it feels as though my hair has stopped growing. I really wanna grow my hair out so I need some advice on how to grow it out.

    Any tips?

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    Well,If you have split ends,You should really consider cutting them.After you cut them,wash your hair after you cut it very throughly.Do this everyday,and It might start to grow.
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    I have the exact same problem, just without the split ends. I find that mixing all my shampoos together helps my hair to grow faster and healthier, although sometimes the smell is not as good as I would like. If the mixture smells bad, add in a nice smelling shampoo - philosophy (available at sephora) always smells good.
    I agree with Halloween Momo about trimming the split ends off - it doesn't make hair grow faster, but your hair will grow healthier, giving the illusion of longer hair. Plus, your hair will look great!

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    To grow your hair longer wash your hair every 2-3 days,washing it everyday can take the natural chemicals that helps your hair grow,out of your hair.

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    I know that this post is a little older but I just would like to say that there is no way to "make your hair grow fast". Now, your hair grows at an optimum rate. If you wash it every day or use a blow dryer regularly, it may not be growing at that rate. To get your hair to grow at its optimum rate you can stimulate your scalp by giving it a massage. That will help circulate the blood better. Cutting your hair regularly will also help. Patience is key.

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    It depends... What is your hair type?

    I have really curly hair. As in very kinky (why there isn't a better word in English for this! Gosh, I love my mother tongue Spanish so much.)

    Because, for me, the worst possible advice would be to wash it every day because the natural oils that protect (and give shine to) the hair will be washed away and the hair will be brittle and then I'll have split hairs and chop it off.

    My hair is past my shoulder blades dry. (Half way down my back wet)
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    It's best to wash your hair every other day, so that the natural oils will remain, and your hair will be able to stay cleaner for longer. And make sure to take care of your split ends or any dryness. Sometimes the reason your hair seems to have stopped growing is that your hair keeps breaking. Try using conditioner, or deep conditioner on your ends, and you should also have them trimmed once in a while.

    I have curly hair and while it does grow somewhat fast sometimes it doesn't seem like it. I've been growing out my hair for a while now, trying to get it to be long like it once was a few years ago. I even started cutting my own hair since I felt like they always trimmed too much at the salon. My bangs seem to grow faster than the rest of my hair, because the ends aren't split and I keep them straight as opposed to curly.

    You could trim your hair yourself. One of my friends snips the ends of strands, kind of randomly. I've done this too, but I did it all at once, layer by layer.

    I think I typed a lot, but I hope that helps.

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    I have read the posts after mine and I feel I should clarify.... I am a licensed cosmetologist. I KNOW what I am talking about. Please do not cut your own hair unless you REALLY want to. Yes, frequent visits to a salon for a trim will help your hair grow to its optimum rate. Washing it every day will slow down the growth. I understand some people cannot stand having oily hair, but you'll have to deal if you want it to grow.The natural oils in your hair and scalp help your hair to grow. I hope that helps.

    Patience is key.
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    U rlly cant make it grow longer. I have medium wavy black hair and my twin has medium wavy giner-brown hair & hers grows faster thn mine but the only thing u can do is use shampoo tht wont make damage 2 ur hair, cut the split ends, itll b healthier
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    I've heard that egg yolks mixed with olive oil and water makes your hair grow faster. It also is suppose to make it softer as well. I havnt tryed it yet but mabe one day. Also, supposedly coconut oil makes your hair grow and gert softer. I hope that helps.
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