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    WHat would you wear on a date?

    annyeong!! lets say if you were asked out on a date with someone that you have never gone out with yet... what would you wear on that day??
    to make this thread more exciting, include pics if possible ^^

    i think i would wear something like this:

    and if it is in winter:

    now its ur turn!! if you cant find pics, go on yesstyle.com
    they have loads to choose from keke

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    Senior Member dudette4475@hellokitty.com's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    It depends on where you are going for the date. If it's just dinner and a movie thing, just wear something casual. Blue jeans, t-shirt, sandals.
    If it's like a concert, wear something funky! Check out these sites for cool indie/novelty clothes: Hot Topic Shana Logic
    The best things in life are free... Except for chocolate!

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    Think Pink eliz_0311@hellokitty.com's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    it depends ! ((:

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    Senior Member kcloh@hellokitty.com.my's Avatar
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    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Casual, a nice light coloured t-shirt with jeans will do for a simple walk/window shopping/lunch/movie.

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    Hmm... Depends on where we're going on the date and the time of year. I love to wear button up dress shirts with a nice pencil skirt, though. It's easy enough to accessorize and change up and my boyfriend just adores the way it looks on me.

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    Junior Member seepasther@hellokitty.com's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    A tie around my head while everything else is like... NOT FORMAL AND FANCY.
    I don't like formal and fancy.

    It's not like I'm sitting at a desk eating bonbons all day.

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    Member lucidness@hellokitty.com's Avatar
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    I love avant guache type of clothing, but I wouldn't wear it in public. Especially when meeting someone for the first time. He'd most likely run away at the sight of a gothic lolita, lol.
    My other choice would be a very clean, simple, and friendly outfit while also adding a hint of your own personality into it. Normally I would wear dresses with very intricate patterns on it that is quite complex but at the same time it's not over done. Something similar to this sleeveless dress with a bow just above the hips. It's very modest, classy, and refreshingly youthful.

    Personally I like white, creamy-white, pink, and black colored dresses because it goes with my pale complexion a lot.
    And then I would probably wear either a ribbon hair band or earrings. I think these earrings went well with the soft colors of the dress. I couldn't find a nicer head band that would go with this dress atm.

    The ribbons and hearts are very cute and a few of my favorite things and it's not too formal for a normal day wear and neither too casual for night time either.
    Luckily, I'd never been in a situation like this. It seem so scary o.o;; but arranging an ensemble will always be fun. ^_^

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    I love getting dressed up for dates and nights out! Picking out the outfit and creating a makeup and hair look to go with it...so much fun! BUT, if it's for a first date...probably some dark blue skinny jeans, ballet flats, and just a basic top like a silky tank or shell with a light cardigan. Makeup should be kept light too; maybe just some concealer, powder to set and matte, redefine the brows, go light on the eyeliner, curl lashes, a few coats of mascara, blush and gloss. As for hair...kept down and flowing is nice, but put up in a simple neat pony tail with some kind of cute headband will lift up your face. Simple, I think is best when making that first impression. You'll want your personality to shine more than your lip gloss or bling! Happy dating, everyone!!

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    As long as your wear your lucky undies you'll do fine. I always wear my lucky undies cause they are the only ones I have.

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    OKAY if I were you I would wear fairly casual but cute... unless your like going to a really fancy resterant or something. Like casual high heels and a dress that goes just above your knees, a jeen not baseball type hat but a fashion model kind of hat... hmmmmm, oh! The neckline on the dress should be a little low if you want to wear a necklace. oh and go with brighter colors if your blond or a red head but if you have dark hair than wair like light brown, light blue and black. sorry i don't have pics right now!

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