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Thread: Dreamers Guild

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    Dreamers Guild

    Are you a Dreamer? Do you sometimes find your mind wandering off? Are you often reaching for the stars? Do you dream of a safe world where everyone you meet is your friend?

    We were the first guild to be founded in the US/Canada server and we provide a helpful and friendly environment. We have many knowledgeable players who can help out in every aspect of the game, and we love helping inside and even outside the guild.

    Our mascot are the Little Twin Stars.

    Guild Leader: Rikki
    Officers: CalypsoCafe, kirakira, SourBerry, PrincessKrystal, Tacitala, MisoSoup, Emily

    Guild Ranks:
    • A. The Sandman
    • B. Lucid Dreamer
    • C. Visionary
    • D. Illusionist
    • E. Daydreamers

    Rules: If you are a member of this guild you MUST abide by these rules as you are a representative of our guild. We are a "family" and members are expected to treat each other with respect at all times.
    • No breaking game rules.
    • No swearing in guild chat or purposely bypassing the filter.
    • No general rudeness or insulting other guildmates.
    • If you have an issue with a guildmate, try to solve it yourself or with an officers help. Remember your behavior reflects on the whole guild.
    • Be kind, helpful and respectful of one another as well as those outside the guild.
    • Most importantly HAVE FUN. We are all here to enjoy the game, so why not have fun and respect the rules that have been set forth.

    All potential recruits will be asked to get to know a guild member, and let them see if you have the personality we would like to see in the guild (helpful, fun, happy). If you do so, then this guild member will either ask those who can invite to invite you, or they will invite you.

    Our guild website is here.

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    Shalour city? :o
    I want to join (dreams tend to be a passion of mine...this IS about like, the dreams you can have at night/during the day, right? *unsure*).

    But the blog won't load on this comp for some unknown reason...it stays blank D: It's unsettling...

    But if it won't work, in all honisty...sai la vee....

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    Image curtosy of the very talented crayonmonkey@hellokitty.com (5ana) Hope to see your guild there
    Save the world: Recycle!

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    I've been looking for a Guild to join!! D

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    It's time to rock with Hello Kitty kittynator@hellokitty.com's Avatar
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    This guild has been inactive for some time.
    Note 1: DO NOT COPY my user name/account for yours. Impersonating other users is strictly forbidden.

    Note 2: Any beta content I post or mention, cannot be copied for yourself or others. Don't impersonate or ask for beta players. Yes, I'm a former beta player.

    Note 3: I'm busy with non HKO things, but my home page will help you out with the game. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or /w Kittynator in HKO. I use Kittynator on both servers.

    Note 4: Be nice to me and others.

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    guilds are a good idea. Really unique!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kittynator@hellokitty.com View Post
    This guild has been inactive for some time.
    Do You know any Guilds that are active?

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