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Thread: Nutella

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    Its like the only reason to actually EAT bread o-o
    its so yummy when you put it on the bread first and then put it in the toaster/toaster oven! XD its so yummy

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    I love it, too! Yesterday I made hot chocolate with it. Was amazing!
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    My frined put Nuttela in her sandwiches!
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    The only time nutella is bad when its just plain old nutella for your lunch and its the only thing you have (well on bread of course..)

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    I love Nutella, I eat it alone, in bread, Nutella yogurt, Nutella Frappe/smoothie. I barely eat it though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by perfectpanda37@mymelody.com View Post
    Its like the only reason to actually EAT bread o-o
    Same! I just can't end a day without it!!! *drools*
    Enjoy every cupcake! *nom nom nom nom nom nom nom*

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    Nutella is good on any type of bread/biscuit/crackers, pancakes, waffles, as ice cream topping, as cupcake/cake icing/ganache, or even on its own! At one point, I loved eating spoonfuls of it. Now I take this stuff in moderation. Haha!
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    Haha, Nutella is great when you have a craving for chocolate. I mostly eat it on weekends, when there's freshly baked bread at the baker's. It's fattening, but it's so good

    And I agree with Lyka. It's great on ice-cream and pancankes as well
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    Wow, I've never heard of anyone eating it on ice cream, lol. I mostly only use it on sandwiches. O.o
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