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Thread: Sports..?

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    I never liked any sports before and finally my parents decided to put me in a sport!
    They want me to do swimming or running...but I like running but not timed or running a distance. I'd run all over the house and stuff or in the backyard (its cold now...) but I'm not sure how modest my custom made swimsuit is going to be.
    When I was in the 3rd grade I told my classmates I wanted to be on a swim team,
    none of the kids encouraged me to do it and told me I wouldn't be that good anyway.
    For a while I believed that and thought the kids who did sports were unhappy but it was the opposite. They 'claimed' they were unhappy.

    I don't like any sports but Tennis and Badminton! I can't swim fast, and I always stop to catch my breath (I suck!) and at lessons I cant even do public because they always put me with boys! I hate it!!!
    It's uncomfortable...even with private lessons there's bound to be others at the pool.
    I'm not good at any sports and people have made comments that I walk weird, and in gym I don't do anything so they prefer I sit out/I don't put any effort (I would if they would pass me the ball or whatever but no one really listens unless my friends are on the team).

    I've never really been in a sport before, I've done lessons like swimming on certain days (in like kindergarten-4th grade...then it felt wrong wearing a swimsuit since I'm muslim...)
    and did Karate (I didn't really like it only because I was with little kids....and that was for 1 summer in 3rd grade.What should I do (sorry this was so long!)

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    I <3 soccer! I would like volleyball if I were good at it

    My parents put me in swimming lessons last summer. It was good but I prefer football.

    I think it's okay to try something new, btw u never know if u like it if u never try it but give it a chance, u might like it or not but you did your best!
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    I like volleyball but the shorts we have to wear are...well my underwear is longer O_o so I decided not to join...

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    I like Badminton ^.^

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