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    i used to do some origami

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    I love folding the mini origami wishing stars in class! It's all I know how to fold so far ^^; I want to learn how to fold cranes!!

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    Wow, I can't remember the last time I made one of those little stars!! And here's the traditional crane diagram: http://www.origami-instructions.com/origami-crane.html
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    Origami masters, come forth!

    Anyone into origami? For how long have you been doing it and how seriously do you take this art? Also, do you have any diagrams to share? I have been looking for some sanrio origami to post on my blog...

    I started folding at the age of 5. My aunt showed me my first origamis. Honestly I'd say I've been stuck in the intermediate level for a while. I am more into functional origami rather than into artistic origami; I love making boxes, wallets, holders.

    How about you?

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    In my imagination
    I got an origami how-to book for my last birthday, so I've been making some things for my friends. ^.^
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    It's easy when I make a basic and universal origami.
    Okay, I like origami. Kirigami? It's like Origami except you fold and you cut!

    I like it but not using toilet paper! XD
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