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    the kawaii look?

    hi. i hope people who <3 the kawaii look will view this. i want to achieve a kawaii sense of style, but i want to do it cheaply! what better than to ask a bunch of sanrio lovers? any shops, places or ideas where i can get kawaii clothing cheaply and easily?

    thanks guys! xxxxxxx

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    There's this store near me called "Too Cool"
    and then there's a few Sanrio stores here and there.
    Michelle Phan and Bubzbeauty have great tutorials on their YouTube

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    I would argue that it's not so much stores as it is about things you buy. You can buy kawaii things and do it cheaply if you know what "sort" you are looking for.

    It's not that hard.

    For instance, this cheap combo from Walmart (because I don't really know that many US stores):

    Pro tip: The shirt goes outside the skegging, not tucked in.
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    What exactly do you mean by "kawaii sense of style" ? There are a lot of styles that can be considered cute, and there's a ton of styles that come from Asia.

    But if what I think you mean is right, then basically you can wear anything, the price doesn't really matter, you just have to be able to kind of coordinate your outfits well. Layering is good too. And you can add certain motifs as well.

    It's not really about what you wear, it's how you wear it.

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    Sadly when I saw that thread I was sure someone or more would of attacked you for culture appropriation but I am very happy this is not the case here , people are so insane now it is more than out of control !

    I do not know anything about this fashion so I cannot help you.
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    No idea about fashion, but I can recommend a movie: Kamakaze Girls. A rare film about fashion, kawaii no less (specifically it's a road film about two girls from opposite backgrounds who become friends, one of whom is obsessed with kawaii fashion).

    You'll have to ignore the Spanish voice over, I detest the English language trailer of this. They had a good music one, but I can no longer find it (either been removed or banned from Australia). Besides the voice dub, this is a good trailer for the film. It has some adult themes but should be okay for teens.


    (Both of the actresses had music careers; the cute one, Kyoko Fukada, was a pianist, while the other is a famous rock singer, Anna Tsuchiya.)
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