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Thread: Mole attack!

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    Mole attack!

    Today I had quite a new experience playing the game. I was in my farm chopping down some apple trees (which I don't like at all...) when I received the visit of another player, which is always a nice surprise. We let our pets play together, had a chat, exchanged some items... When the "new day" began, she left for her own farm to water her plants. She came back quickly and asked me for help, since there was a mole invasion approaching.

    I went to her farm to help, but I was thinking "Are there STILL mole invasions?". Because I had heard of them, but I thought they had been erased as events, and moles only persisted as the "annoying mole" bug.

    Much to my surprise, the moles actually came and attacked! We got rid of the smaller moles, and when the big boss mole appeared, I took care of him. I am level 23 and kept hitting him for a long time before he ran away. Considering that my new friend was level 8, how was she supposed to protect her farm, had she been alone?

    After the mole attack was over, I had to leave for the real world to walk my real pet. But, except for the fact that my friend lose some trees in the attack, I have to say it was a funny day!

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    i remember this one friend who had a lot of mole attacks. try not to plant daika or high leveled plants. evil moles >~<

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    i mean daikon. -.- i have noo idea where daika came from. xD

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    I've experienced a couple mole attacks before. I have a friend who gets them fairly often. They definetely still happen. I've never had one in my farm though.
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    I remember having those attacks! XD I don't know if you think I'm crazy, (I am though, lol) but I was really happy when the moles came. Everyone went to my farm to help, and I was really happy. Happy Valentines Day!
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