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Thread: help me! please

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    help me! please

    hello i need some advice because if theres any people or just ect...im always going to cry and if theres any people at my front and im talking to many people im going to cry but im controlling it is that a phobia?? sorry for my english im not good at it
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    Its not a phobia.You're either overwhelmed or just frustrated. Try to talk to one person at a time next time cause that could give you a huge headache. I know how it feels to get frustrated and overwhelmed because I sometimes cry too when it happen. Just stay clam and take it easy(:
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    It could very well be a phobia call social anxiety disorder or social phobia. It IS very possible to overcome it! Realizing it is a problem is the first step and then you can do something about it. What is your native language? Maybe I can help more?

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