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    No love for the Jewelpets?

    Has anyone ever heard of these cute animals. The main characters are Ruby,Garnet and Sapphie. The Jewelpet also has four anime shows. But i'm curious, is there anyone on Sanriotown a fan of them? In the west, they are unknown and Sanrio's official American website hardly mentions them except for one blog past made a year ago?

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    Cinnamoroll and his friends will all ways give you a smile when your in a sad mood.

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    Sango is probably my favorite. So darn cute.
    *stares blankly until you're completely creeped out*

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    Hi! Im a big fan of Jewlpets
    Just wanted to tell you.

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    AAA AAA I LOVE JEWELPETS! even though it's cheesy, I really admire the character designs!

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    Jewelpets is amazing! There's a new season of the anime, btw for those of you who are curious (which I still need to get to watching).

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