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    Thumbs up Banned For 9999 yrs!!!!!

    I get banned for 01/01/9999 00:00:00
    im not doing anything im a quiet players there and im just doing my quest and i got disconnected and there a message i get banned for that 9999 years! maybe im already R.I.P before my banned will got away! why do GM-Sphinx is doing this to me! im not doing anything to him! im in my farm quietly planting eggplants, watermelons, blueberries and starapple and then theres a message appear " Disconnected ect... (p2) " ahhhh why banned i can just be muted im not doing anything all my life im not so sociable and i get banned for that long long years! how come! please how to solve this i promise im not doing anything!!! i dont talk to other players except KiinoBomi and im just asking to kiinobomi how to water plants and after that i get banned withouth any warning of GM-Sphinx!!! and also i get banned withouth any major reasons! and i get banned but GM-Sphinx didn't tell me why im banned for that long years or what help me please! iwant to play HKO for more more more more years before im in R.I.P please..

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    Angry XD

    me too i got ban without any reason im playing bankaroo at Carnival and after that a message appear "Disconnected server (p4)" then i log in and i get banned for that ------ years help us before were Rest In Peace because of that banned!

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    i got banned too without doing anything im now banned for more than 3 months maybe 4 months i just say " Hi all and Sphinx" than i got banned xD LOL so stict GM-Sphinx just a hi and you'll get banned just let it go lala and van hahahahaahaha youll never gonna play hko again all your life until you go to RIP just play AQ xD

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    T^T me too i got banned without doing anything xD first im silence and then i go disconnected and banned for that horrible years! hahaha since i got banned for 5 months i never play HKO im now just playing mini games on sanriotown i got banned because of saying hi to GM-Sphinx too i just say hi and i got banned idont know why maybe he doesnt want " hi " ok thats just my advice " dont play HKO just play mini games "
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    I Don't Know

    Talking we all are the same!!

    i get ban too just for saying hi to Sphinx!! we all are twins! were the same haha my in-game name is DANN nice to meet you hope to see you on heaven hahahahahah just give up i get banned for 8 months and there nothing to do bye bye see you at cementery or HEAVEN! xD

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    T-T im banned too just on saying hi sphinx T-T please help us

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    Contact about this.
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    Note 3: I'm busy with non HKO things, but my home page will help you out with the game. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or /w Kittynator in HKO. I use Kittynator on both servers.

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    sanriotown :)
    im banned too xD just for saying hi everyone!
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    sanriotown :)

    maybe you do something besides saying " hi " cause when you get banned maybe your misbehavior or what.....
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    Before you got banned, were any of you breaking the HKO rules? Here's a link to the thread that states the HKO rules.

    Well, were any of you breaking one of those rules? If not, then chances are, your ingame name was probably inappropiate (like have bad words). If your ingame name wasn't inappropiate... as Kittynator said, contact

    EDIT: When looking at the HKO rules to see which rule look, look at all of them ESPECIALLY the last one: (Non- English general chat). The reason I'm telling to look at that rule is because I remember when I was playing with my alt account~ while playing, I saw in the chat log that some players were talking in a different language in map chat. Did any of you talked in a different language in map chat before?
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