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    'Never Judge A Book By It's Cover'
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    Wink Harry Potter OR Twilight Saga OR Hunger Games?

    For me, I hate Twilight, Like the Hunger Games but am OBSESSED WITH HARRY POTTER!!
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    Harry Potter because I think Twilight and Hunger Games are so overated.


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    The Hunger Games
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    Twilight Saga, and Hunger Games. I could never really get into Harry Potter.
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    Harry Potter all the way!
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    I'm not a fan of Twilight so no to that (however I was obsessed with it in 7th grade ). I went to watch the Hunger Games in theaters...it was okay- only because Josh Hutcherson was in it . As for Harry Potter, it's fairly tolerable. My fav. Harry Potter movie has to be the Goblet of Fire.

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    Harry Potter. All the way.

    Panem doesn't make sense and... do I really have to go into Twilight?

    Well. Actually, if Twilight was like the Twilight fanfic Luminosity I would like Twilight a lot more, although not more than Harry Potter.
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    HUNGER GAMES.. yeah... .-.

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    Definitely Harry Potter. I think it has better themes and it's far better written than Twilight or Hunger games.

    I watched Twilight and it was pretty boring.

    Hunger Games was boring and unoriginal. It was like a less intense version of Battle Royale.

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    I don't like "Twilight", although sometimes the movies make me laugh
    I'm only beginning to like "The Hunger Games" but I'm not completely in the fandom yet. I started reading the first book but I haven't finished it yet.
    I think there would be a tie, but I like "Harry Potter" a little more than "Hunger Games" It has been there since I was growing up until I graduated Elementary School and the Summer Vacations during which I read the 7 books (YES I read them ALL in 1 Summer Vacations!) was the best and it was the Summer Vacations I will never forget because I was inspired and found out what I truly want to be when I grow up

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