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    X3 The Offspring for sure, for me. In fact, I'm listening to them right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mewissa@hellokitty.com View Post
    1. Katatonia
    2. Swallow the Sun
    3. Amorphis
    4. IAMX/Sneaker Pimps
    5. Imogen Heap
    Oh I really Like Katatonia and Swallow the Sun! I've seen them both in concert. I also like what I've heard from Imogen Heap.

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    my favorite band would have to be.....LIFEHOUSE!!!!! omg i like a bunch of thier songs. and the boy who is the lead singer is pretty handsome

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    McFly, but like classic OLD McFly <33

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    DELUHI, except they just disbanded...

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    the gazette
    without a doubt

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    My Favorite Band is Linkin park...

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    Philippine band-Callalily~
    American band-Paramore.SimplePlan~
    Korean band-CN Blue~

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    Bands? Hmm...

    The Seatbelts

    They're off the top of my head... ^^;

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    My favorite band is McFly

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