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    Red face Earth Bound Wii U

    Did you all hear? Nintendo stated that they would be bringing back the 1st Earth Bound game to Wii U virtual console! Whoo!! Ness! <3 <3

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    I played Earthbound emulated years ago :3 It was a really cute game IMO. The final boss is also pretty terrifying, and some of the towns you go to are just sooo strange. And there's a lot of funny enemies to fight too. Like "Stray Dog" and "New Age Hippy". It was a really fun game. I recall beating it from the beginning 2 or 3 times. My first beating of the game was around halloween, so i ended up going trick or treating dressed as paula (the girl in the game) as a result XD She's probably my favorite character still too. She's girly and wear's a pink dress :3
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