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    Unhappy Please patch out the farm moles!

    I got a star mole in my farm this morning, I wasn't too far into the game. I just have a hard time understanding why the moles haven't been patched out. Are they really that integrated in the farming system? I'm just wondering, because as some players are trying to recruit more of a playerbase for HKO, it's going to be hard to explain to them why they should choose HKO over another MMO that doesn't have these type of persistent game halting bugs.

    Just imagine all the players that would return, after hearing this bug which has been a problem for at least 3 years now, has finally been repaired. I'm sorry, I truly love HKO, but it's becoming very hard for me to wish to support it when it seems that complaints like this that have been made by several players, go unheard or remain unsolved. I suggested a Kickstarter, if the problem is not having enough money to hire programmers that can accomplish this, or needing more GM staff. It's just, I don't like having to feel I'm the bad guy, for pushing this issue.
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    The developers of HKO aren't really working on it anymore. As you may know, there hasn't been a bug fix in years. It's unlikely that the moles will ever be completely removed.

    Do you know the trick for getting rid of moles? Check out this blog post:

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    Sorry for my rant, I have a new idea, but I'm posting it under a new thread. It will be controversial though.
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    Since this is the top mole thread right now, I wanted to mention I think if you exit the game completely, instead of just logging off, it helps keep the moles away. I discovered something new, seems shutting down, then starting up the computer gets rid of the moles too. Restarting seems to be kind of hit and miss for me, but I think as shutting down removes the PC from the router's server altogether, it's more helpful.
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