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    i have so many louse on my hair and im so irritated on it....!
    please help me how to get out the louse on my head!!! please!!

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    Do you mean lice? If so you can put a couple of drops of teatry oil in your shampoo, buy special shampoo that kills them at the store, or even try putting manayse in your hair and let it sit for a while. Those help losen the little lices grip on your head. Then get someone to go through your hair with a lice removing comb, removing any lice or lice eggs on your scelp. After wash all your sheets or things that are made out of fabric that is washible with really hot water. Things that cant go in the wash like teddy bears wrap with an air tight plastic bag, then let it sit for a week or too to sufficate the remaining lice. I hope that helps!
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