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    I think this is the only way to get HKO back to where it used to be

    I think Sanrio Digital has to be willing to sell a version, or their game to a company with the staff to run it, and update it. I know many people weren't happy with Aeria Game's treatment of HKO, but as things are now. Things are at a stand still, we still have bugs that have not been resolved for years, a staff that seems to constantly be AWOL. I am emotional about this game, because I care so much about it. It's very unique, and I don't know of any MMOs that are like it, most of them are about hunting monsters ad nauseum.

    The thing is I want this game to succeed, I want the staff to at least respect the loyal game base it has by checking the forums once in awhile, or updating their development blog. Something to let us know they are still alive. As for the moles, I accept they are unwilling to fix that, so if that is how it's going to be, and seeing how so many people are willing to tolerate that rather than demand some sort of repair for it, so be it.

    I see highly successful games, with staff support, and communication with the players. I wish I could say that for HKO, I really do. Right now if even a GM showed up and said hi, and gave us an update that would be something that would give me hope. I'm downloading the game again, because I truly love it despite it's bugs, as I know so many of you do. I also know that it deserves a staff that's willing to be dedicated to it, instead of one that just feels as long as it keeps things running that's just fine.

    The game isn't going to shut down because we make reasonable demands of the staff. Neither will it shut down because we're begging the staff to let us help them, with bugs, with issues that hinder updates. I don't know about you, but I think that it's not too much to ask, for a update post once in awhile. Something that says, the staff of HKO cares about it's loyal players.

    It says a lot that people are willing to tolerate the problems with this game, no matter what. I just want the staff to acknowledge us. Something, even hello, just something to let us know we haven't been abandoned.

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    Recently there was an update to the HKO blog, which shocked many players as it hasn't been updated in a long time. Sure, it was just to wish everyone a happy Easter, but it gave a lot of hope. As for GMs, I actually saw one recently. There's not many active GMs left though. I'd be very upset if HKO was completely shut down. Despite its bugs, I play HKO at least four days every week. I still do see other active players, so I know I am not alone.

    I agree with you.
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    Thank you, it helps to know I'm not alone in this. I think the last time I brought these issues up, people were kind of in denial about the status of the game.
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    The biggest problem is who would want to buy it.
    I keep up with the PC industry, you might have heard the buzz term thrown about by pundits, post pc era: where PC sales are dropping because people are not updating PC as much as in the past and secondly the growth of tablet, and smart phones. People are using tables and smart phones to so many functions (email and face book) that were once done on Pc's . Sanrio digital has been busy and doing what you are saying but only in the android and Apple IOS market, for example Hello Kitty Café and Kawaii Town.

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    I didn't know about Kawaii Town, it seems sort of similar to HKO. So if worse comes to worse, at least we'll have that.

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    Most problem of hellokittyonline players was the updating tokyo... most of our i met some member or let's say " OLD CREW " or old players... who is waiting for tokyo... to be updated laast time i met kittyect or what but it has a kitty on her name with c but has no numbers then i met her and she said that she just going online every year and check if tokyo was now updated..

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