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    Folders for Uploads?

    I want to start using more graphics on my blog, but I've already uploaded at least 9 pages of photos.

    Would it be possible to have folders added to uploads? For example, I might have one folder for my own photos and one folder for graphics. I know it's not possible now, at least I don't think so, but I think it would help keep better track of uploaded photos, and keep things organized for bloggers.

    Or maybe a way to pinpoint specific images we've already uploaded, like searching for them by name.

    I know this kind of thing is available on photobucket but I've always had difficulties with posting photos from there on my blog here.

    Will this kind of feature ever be available on SanrioTown blogs?

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    I hope it's okay if I bump this...

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    I don't think it will be added, but I suppose it would be a good idea.
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