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    hko gop

    hello just one thing to ask....what does hkogop do?
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    Quote Originally Posted by patriciadiane01@hellokitty.com View Post
    hello just one thing to ask....what does hkogop do?
    Please do not spam the threads. Your other posts were deleted. If your questions were not answered as soon as you expect, please be patient. Also, please use font colors that are easily visible. Refer to the forum rules, specially #3 and 10:


    As for your question, HKO Profile / GOP shows your character's current profile:

    [1] buddy list
    [2] overall level
    [3] current pet
    [4] farm
    [5] house
    [6] blog posts
    [7] guild

    You can check it out by clicking on the "HKO Profile" tab above.
    Hope this helps.
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