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    How do I get my blog more popular?

    Hey guys if you have any answers plz do share them with me i want to get my blog popular! it's a really nice blog check it out!

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    Last year my blog was in the hottest blog box because i updated it often.
    What works for me to get my blog popular is to put the link to
    my blog in my signature so people can view it.

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    Put your blog's links in lots of websites. give the link to people where you go to school/work/hang out. If you comment on other blogs add your a link to the comment (sometimes they ask for username,Email, your website)

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    Every time you update, your latest entry will be posted on the sanriotown website which will get you a lot of views from new people ^^ If you update your blog once a day for example, your blog will get a lot of views from new people that might like it enough to bookmark and view more often!

    I think what people like to view most are pictures so make sure each entry isn't too text-heavy without any breaks this'll keep everyone's interest since people that view latest entries usually just click and scan the page instead of read it slowly.

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