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Thread: Hello there! :3

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    Red face Hello there! :3

    Hello, I'm new to Sanrio Town, and HKO. Please, call me Faith ;3 I love animals and making other people happy. I hope to make friends that will encourage me to stay on this site for longer than I normally do.

    Such a short post, but oh well :P

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    ✿♪ღ_KittyKawaii_ღ♪✿ hkitty111@hellokitty.com's Avatar
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    Hi ^^

    Hi Faith nice to meet you im Hkitty ^^

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    Welcome to SanrioTown and Hello Kitty Online, Faith!
    I play on both the US/Canada server and International server in Hello Kitty Online.

    US/Canada: Alina_Fairysong (Beijing)
    Guild: Magical Pets

    International: Sierra_RubySnow (London)

    I hope to meet everyone in the game!

    I also play MapleStory. Visit my blog for more details about what characters I play and more. I usually play on Bera.

    Due to school, I will not be as active as I used to be. However, I will still check my profile from time to time.

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