If you enjoy drawing, coloring, painting, editing or taking photos, then you should join this contest!

*Starting July 5, I shall post a challenge every Friday where you have to create a picture according to the theme chosen for the week. I will post the theme and the activity you will use to create the picture and you must send me the picture before the next Friday.

*You may use any pencils/crayons/etc for drawing and coloring, any paint/brushes/etc for painting, any programme/website for editing, and any camera/etc you would like to use or the one you like the best to create the picture according to the activity of the challenge.

*Pictures can be any size and any file format.

*Pictures must be sent before the Friday after the challenge was posted and must include the theme posted. You can send through e-mail, post on your blog, or a Visitor Message in my Forum Profile.

*Don't post rude pictures or rude messages on your pictures, you will get a warning first, then you won't be able to participate in the next challenge, and if you continue posting rude posts you can be reported to a moderator.

*Be creative and use your imagination! Have a lot of fun! =)

For complete details about the contest and how you can send the pictures, click HERE!