Hello, friends! Letís go to Hello Kitty Carnival, a new and thrilling attraction in town. Join Hello Kitty and her cute and friendly Sanrio pals in operating this fun-filled theme park. Help Kitty and friends usher carnival-goers into the coolest rides and facilities and spread the fun and excitement.

The carnival-goers will surely enjoy the cute, fun and exciting rides in Hello Kitty Carnival: the speedy Roller Coaster, the rotating Ferris Wheel, the spinning Merry Go Round, bumpy Cable Cars, a friendly Pirate Ship, a giant Slide, and lots more!

Add the all-time favorite carnival games and attractions such as Whack a Mole, the Trampoline, and Fortune Telling booth that offers fun prizes. All this fun and excitement will make your visitors hungry, so food shops such as a Snack Bar or a Popcorn Machine to provide snacks are a must. Personalize the carnival by upgrading and decorating your facilities to provide the best quality of service and experience for your guests!

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