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Thread: Games?

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    Is there a game exactly like real life where you can walk, ride in a car, taxi rent an apartment or go to other places your in the airplane go to the market, boat or train and where you can play detective roles, or play teacher roles and work, school, study, and play and also sleep brush your teeth or others?!

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    There is Sims. Its a computer game where you make people and live life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by twink1e@mymelody.com View Post
    There is Sims. Its a computer game where you make people and live life.

    What kind of Sims? There's a lot of Sims
    Like Sims University, Sims Castaways, Sims Island, Sims Social and more.
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    Shalour city? :o
    I had a good friend who was very into sims. I recall us having computer games of it too. And me and my brother not being able to figure them out, so we ended up bored with them rather fast XD
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    There are a few games kind of like that. The game management games and there are also tower defense games that also are kind of like that. Shopping City and Shopping Street I recommend (won the second less than 2 years ago - the other is the last level left but i never tried it). For tower defense I recommend Garden TD (i have the last 5 levels yet which none ive tried).
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    Sims is the only game (series) I know for that. I have hardly played it personally; just doesn't grab my attention long enough. I also don't like that they get you to fork out cash for countless expansions. I have a very short attention span for games, because I have so much else to do! If I am to play a slow game, it better be a complete edition.
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