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    How to get rid of dark circles under your eyes!

    Check out my blog! And under "Beauty 101" will be a "How you get rid of dark circles"
    There are tips and tricks how to make them go away!

    I also added a little "How to Make Your Own Brightening Gel" for your dark circles! So check that out!

    Here are some of my personal tips for reducing dark circles under your eyes!

    1) Sleep!
    2) Treat your allergies!
    3) Eat well! Eat Healthy!
    4) Drink lots of water!

    I hope my tips help! And good luck on making those circles vanish! Click on the pink link below to redirect yourself you my blog!
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    Sometimes they can be caused by anemia, which you covered with eat well. Only a blood test can tell this for sure.

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    I hope this helps I am going to try some of these soon! http://www.stylecraze.com/articles/s...es-completely/

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