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    Question I Need New Outfits! Where Can I Shop?

    So, this year, I didn't really go school shopping for clothes. I don't want to shop at expensive stores, cause I don't have a job yet, but I might this this upcoming summer. Anyways what store do you recommend to shop at?

    Please leave suggestions down below!

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    Uhh, I'm not from the US; however, here are some things that can help

    Here's a list of most major shopping malls!

    This list also includes shopping centres!

    I know tons of US stores from lurking around the internet, so I may actually be able to recommend you stuff

    BUT! I would need your budget (how much are you willing to spend per item) and your style (cute, lolita, fairy kei, rockstar, punk, urban, etc.)

    Tell me if this was useful n.n
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    Hmm a lot of online stores have nice things, but I've never shopped at them.
    What type of clothes are you looking for?
    Macy's has some nice things as well as JCPenny (I have no idea what the fuss about this place is though)

    Macys= more expensive Penny's= less expensive, I got a shirt there for around $4

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    I honestly like Forever 21; but it's hard to find clothes there that aren't...... too revealing.
    I would suggest Macy's or Cotton On!
    Kirby Poyo~!

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