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    I agree, Strapya is fantastic! It's dangerously addictive, too! Pay attention to the payment options as it may be a LOT cheaper to pay in yen if you're not from the US.

    I buy from Jbox frequently. They stock larger items, ship internationally, and they have been known to source one-off items if you ask nicely. They charge in USD only, but the prices are pretty good.

    Rakuten now have an English language site and ship overseas, too. If you're from the US, Canada, UK, Singapore, Australia or NZ, they've already made different storefronts so you don't accidentally buy something that will be confiscated by customs (that's happened to me *cries*). Rakuten's stock changes incredibly frequently, so check back often!

    Hope you manage to get hold of that item! ^w^

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    nice ebay ! how to buy on ebay ? do i need credit card ?

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    This list has a lot of places to buy Sanrio items exclusively in Japan.
    *stares blankly until you're completely creeped out*

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