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    Smile Momoberry Keychain

    I was cleaning out my drawers and found this Momoberry keychain that is from the heart collect 2005,2007 is stamped on the back. It's very pretty and when I got this I was told it was worth a lot. Do you have any idea how much it's worth? Thank you!

    (not sure how to post the photo of the keychain....help!!!)

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    I think you posted this in the wrong forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by letsrock426@hellokitty.com View Post
    I think you posted this in the wrong forum.
    Thread has been moved under "Sanrio Stuff". Thank you!
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    Post a picture by copying its url and then pasting it into the the little box that comes up when you click the little picture of the tree between the earth and the film strip.

    According to a quick Ebay search, that keychain is valued at $200 if it's anything like this one.
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