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    Red face Blog Entry Ideas?

    Hello ladies and gentlemen! As you may or may not know, I run an advice blog and I'm still just starting out. I'm always looking forward to questions being asked, but I also try to post weekly about fun D.I.Y. projects and healthy natural things you can do for yourself. Sadly these past few weeks I haven't received any feedback on my posts so I'm assuming the people of Sanrio don't like what I'm posting about!

    My question for you is, what would you like to see me write about? What would you like to read? Please leave a comment below on your suggestions!

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    Well, I was trying to comment on one of your most recent posts, but it seems commenting still isn't working. >.<

    Hm... maybe something about what you should do if you're really stressed?
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    You could do reviews for TV programmes, Movies, Books etc..
    You could also do tags and challenges; Would You Rather Tag, Handwriting Challenge etc..

    Just a couple of ideas

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    "Zebra Jokes are the New Elephant Jokes" would be a good article. I bet something like that would easily get linked to by Zebra Humor. Wikipedia has good background information on elephant jokes.

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