Cloud Guild

Welcome to Cloud Guild! A guild on the International Server!

Guild Rules
Follow the Sanriotown Rules
Follow the HKO Rules
When a friend is in need, lend a helping hand!
Respect your fellow guildies! They will likely do the same!
Don't judge a person by it's strength! It's the inside that matters!
Don't be sad when you have nothing good to give! A hug is worth more then a million bucks!
Have fun!

If you break any of these rules you'll be given a warning. If you continue then you'll be given a serious talk about it. If you continue you'll be muted for a short period of time. If you continue you'll be muted for a longer period of time. If you STILL continue you'll be banned from the guild forever and will be reported to a game moderator.

Guild Ranks
A - The Sun
B - High Clouds
C - Low Clouds
D - Bird
E - Tree
(Never ask for a promo for no reason! You must prove yourself your ready for it by proving yourself your ready)!

How to join
Enter your character details and answer the questions to the joining test. Then PM this to me so nobody can cheat!

Character name:
Area you are working on:
Area you'd like to meet at:
Somebody is mean to you! Should you be mean back?:
Your friend needs help with a quest! What should you do?:
Somebody is breaking the clan rules! What should you do?:
(If you get all of these right then you can join the guild! If you don't, no need to worry! I'll explain to you the correct answers and you can join the guild)!