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Thread: Hello~ c:

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    Hello~ c:

    Hey people! My name is Hannah ^.^ I'm new to HKO and would love to make some friends here.
    Some of my favorite things to do are: read manga, watch anime and read Homestuck! I run a Tumblr blog and an Instagram account as well.
    Thank you so much for reading (: Love you all!~ cx

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    ❤Super Mega Kawaii Girl❤ foofle887@mymelody.com's Avatar
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    Hi! I'm Lidie-chan! Welcome to sanriotown!
    [SIGPIC]Love, Laughs, Luck,- Lidie
    Hello, I'm Lidie (You can call me Lidie-chan). I enjoy playing HKO, and other games. I play Star Stable, Alicia Online, Mabinogi, Ameba games (all of them), Maplestory and Riders of Icarus. Don't be afraid to message me if you play any one of these games. :3~

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    Hi I'm Sara Jane, I hope we can be friends!

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    You can add me if you like.

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    Hi! I'm Tima from New York City.
    How old is everyone? I'm curious what age group of people use this website because I'm 24 lol >_<

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