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    hello!! ♡♡♡

    hi i'm megan!! i'm new and this website is already super addictive wow,, um yeah, here are some things i like a lot!!
    • fairy kei
    • fashion
    • pastel things
    • sailor moon
    • madoka magica
    • animal crossing
    • pokemon
    i'm not sure what else to say i'm sorry

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    Ohmigushers, hi hi! I'm totally falling in love with you, let's be friends! We have tons of the same interests, I hope you have fun here! (●∀`)ノ♡

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    Hello :P

    Hiiiiiii. Nice to "meet" you all. Btw, I'm a new guy here. My name is Lee, but you can call me ferdy or whatever you want. lol

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    hi i am new as well i have no friends and i<3animal crossing too!

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    Hiya!! My real name is Elizagrace, but everyone calls me Gracie. I'm trying to make friends too. Please reply!!!

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