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    Cool where's tuxedo sam?

    i love sanrio
    and the characters but i really really miss tuxedo sam!!! where is he? is sam no longer a member of sanrio company? please bring him baCK!!! there are millions like me who are tuxedo sam fans who miss the dear sweet and smart little penguin and his original trademark tux! ^^

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    oh really ) me too. so adorable!

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    If you intend to imply that Sanrio has discontinued the Tuxedosam character, that is a complete and utter fallacy.
    But yes, I love Tuxedosam.
    *stares blankly until you're completely creeped out*

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    tuxedo sam needs more love okay

    ♥ Aaa Tuxedo sam is my friend's fav sanrio character but sadly, he needs more love ;ooo;

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