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Thread: Guild Events!

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    Guild Events!

    What is a guild events all about? how is it being manage? what are the prices? how to play hide n seek?
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    Guild events (as far as I know) Are held by that specific guild, and don't normally have an entry fee.

    So, for example
    Guild pancake banditz: Has a guessing game event
    They should normally tell you time and place, and what to do. If you're ever wondering, just ask the guild themselves. MMost guilds here are pretty helpful!
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    A guild event can be about anything, and can be online HKO or offline. They usually consist of contests. They're managed by the guild leader or someone else with an important role in the guild. Attendence is usually free, though some guilds will require you to join the guild to participate.

    Depending on who is hosting the event that includes hide-and-seek, the rules may be different. But they're usually not much different from the rules in real life. Usually the host will explain the game before it begins.
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