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    Should I try out?

    I really want to try out for volleyball next year but I'm nervous if I'm going to get in or not. I'm Super good at it, but I really just don't know how they are going to have tryouts. Does anyone know how you try out for volleyball? I really am looking forward to join our school's team.
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    I've never really wanted to try out for anything, so I don't know how try-outs work. But if you're good at it, I don't think that really matters. ^^ Do your best and you'll be just fine!
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    Hi! This might be a really late reply, but if you're still planning on trying out then I think you shouldn't be nervous!

    In my Middle School they had a volleyball team and I think the only thing they did at the try outs was to check how well each person could hit the ball, for example, if they know how to do it right, if they hit it like it should be or they hit it with the entire palm of their hands, if they know how to catch it and where they can run and can't run when the ball is thrown to their side, or probably if they know the basic rules. They search for people who they know they want to participate, who they realize that will do their best to make the game fantastic, and who they know has something special inside them.

    Even if you don't know the complete rules, that's what the teams are for! To help each other and make sure everyone learns different things from each other, share techniques and learn how to do something better! If you're good at it, you should go ahead and try out!

    You should be happy that you tried instead of sitting and wondering the whole next year if you could've made it to the team or not! I'll tell you something I heard once from a video of a graduation speech "It's better to fail trying to succeed than to sit down and do nothing and have failure garateed"

    And most of all, have fun! Smile! Don't give up! Never give up!

    I hope this helps!

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