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    ✦ Sanrio Character Ranking 2014!!! ✦

    Hey guys!! Guess what~?!

    They Sanrio Character ranking is going to start on May 10th, which is very soon!
    here is the link-- http://sanriocharacterranking.com/?lang=en

    it is going to be AWESOME, and I'm very curious if Hello Kitty will win first prize again.

    LAST YEAR 2013 WINNERS- http://sanriocharacterranking.com/20...cvq84cgjo8ej92

    THIS YEAR'S GROUP DETAILS- http://sanriocharacterranking.com/ch...p2fb4uqc6d5c11

    if I could vote for my fav characters, I totally would, but I don't live in Japan or speak Japanese xD oh well!

    who would you vote for?

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    I voted for Sugarminet. ^0^
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