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Thread: Divergent

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    I fell in love with Divergent. Have any of you seen the movie Divergent and reads the books?

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    Yep, me! Divergent's gonna be a movie disaster, though, but the books are still amazing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mo_mo_lover@hellokitty.com View Post
    Divergent's gonna be a movie disaster, though
    You predicted the future!
    Okay, the Divergent movie was pretty decent, but the Insurgent movie? T r a s h.
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    I've read the first and second but went on to different books as I'm impatient on waiting for a book to come out. I'll have to catch up and finally read the last book in the trilogy. But yup awesome series from what I remember reading! Talk about being way behind, eh?! LOLz I wont be watching any of the movies till I catch up, so please no specific spoilers! I guess thanks for the reminder you didn't know you were giving me. Hehehe!!

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