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    You don't need to know!

    Favorite genres?

    I really just want to put up some new threads. Anywho, what is your guy's favorite genre? Mine is K/POP, some J/POP, American POP, rock, and R&B! ( aka Justin Timberlake! )

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    Pink Ocean
    Rock,Jrock,Jpop and KPop
    ~Kpop~Girls' Generation~Jpop~Jrock~Babymetal~Dogs~Asian Dramas

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    In my imagination
    Different kinds of pop mostly. ^^
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    Classical because I'm a pianist. K-pop is also good. And anything from Disney, Enya, and Lord of the Rings is also good.

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    Rock and Pop Punk, Steampunk, etc., and a few pop and K-pop songs here and there
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    Shalour city? :o
    Does video game count? :3 I guess I like pop, rock, and classic quite a bit, too.
    I AM Santa123fawr

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    If you looked over my CD collection, you'd probably find something quite eclectic, although I don't like rap and tend to ignore country that isn't very popish (like Faith Hill).

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    I too am all over the place, jazz and country I hate but I can find songs in country that I like or even love but jazz not really. Of course there are genres that I like less than others but I do not care about that I care about the song, if I love it I love it, if I hate it I hate it.

    Just to give examples; my favorite album is the score of Batman Begins, my favorite group Rammstein, favorite male singer Eminem and favorite female singer is Britney Spears.
    If you fall, I'll be there. - Floor

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