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    Talking What is your favorite Disney song?

    All those Disney- or not so much- fans out there! What is your favorite Disney song ( including Villain songs as well!)? Mine are "Colors of the Wind" from the movie "Pocahontas" and " My friends on the Other side" from "Princess and the Frog". I also LOVE "Poor Unfortunate Souls" from " The Little Mermaid"!!

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    I like the songs from Tangled. ^.^
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    Hakuna Matata - The Lion King

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    UK (a bit confused)

    Judge Frollo has bagged himself the most AWESOME villain song ever.

    And the version in my native language is the best

    Alternatively, Be Prepared, Scar's song (the Lion King), is awesome in German (I'm learning German so I watched it in German and it was sooo good!).

    I also love Let It Go, from Frozen, however, that's a pretty obvious one since everybody seems to love it.

    But those would be my top three!
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    Can You Feel the Love Tonight as sung in the film, not the Elton John sung version (even if it is his song to begin with).

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    Beauty And The Beast with Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson.
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    I'd say, likely a song from The Lion King or The Lion King 2 I'm not sure which one, though XD

    I like the songs from Cinderella and Frozen a lot too

    OH! I think my overall fav is "Let It Go" or "For The First Time In Forever"?
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