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    Cool Looking For Sweet & Kind Friends

    Hi there from the U.S.A. I'm Rachel,

    So I am writing this message in hopes of finding some really sweet & kind friendships from all over the globe. You can be of any age or race. Gals only, I'm happily married.

    I know most who use this site are younger, but I have loved Hello Kitty since I can remember and love all the characters, but my favorite being, Kitty. I used to collect stickers from a shop and even have some stuck in my old scrapbook.

    I do like the stickers and paper.

    My husband and I have two cats, one is a kitten. Love animals, music and art. I can do Calligraphy, and Origami, sew and crochet. I love to sing and love baking and cooking.

    Send me a hello and I will get back with you shortly.

    Sending warm smiles across the miles of friendship

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    Welcome to SanrioTown~! ^.^
    We are the Magical Pets guild in Hello Kitty Online!

    We are on the US/Canada server. The guild leader is AnastasiaKiwi10, and the founder is Kitty_12.

    Send us an email if you'd like to join the guild~!

    ♥ The Guild Blog ♥

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    Welcome. Don't forget to check some of the active blogs for more Sanrio friends.

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    Hi, my name is Rachel to. It's nice to meet you.

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