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Thread: I'm back! :d

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    Talking I'm back! :d

    Hello Everyone! I'm back! Sorry I've been gone so long....it feels like forever. 0.o Don't worry, I still play HKO, and I found a new game called Mabinogi. ^^ My friend told me about it and wants me to play it, so I started downloading it Friday,(Last friday...i think)
    and the download process is horrible. O_O It's exactly like HKO. You download the downloader, and it takes literally FOREVRER. (Took me about a week to download it.) Then, you think it's done, only when another downloader pops up, thankfully it only takes about 2 minutes for the second downloader! ^^ Then, This is where I had issues at. Because I constantly had to keep my laptop on, and canceling and resuming the download, The downloader/installer didn't make a desktop shortcut to the launcher, so I had trouble finding it. 0.0 I checked my files, and found it! It was named "Mabinogi.exe", hidden away so I couldn't find it. O-O Right now the launcher is patching, and it's at...what...7%? At least it's not at slow at that downloader! But it sounds really fun! You should play it too!
    [SIGPIC]Love, Laughs, Luck,- Lidie
    Hello, I'm Lidie (You can call me Lidie-chan). I enjoy playing HKO, and other games. I play Star Stable, Alicia Online, Mabinogi, Ameba games (all of them), Maplestory and Riders of Icarus. Don't be afraid to message me if you play any one of these games. :3~

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    I tried mabinogi. Didn't really like it much, but hey give it a chance ^_^
    And welcome back to hko
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    Hello again~! ^.^
    Hello! On Hello Kitty Online, I'm AnastasiaKiwi10 on the US/Canada server Magical and Ichigogo on the International server Wonderful. I play often, and I hope to see you around! ^^

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