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    Favorite Disney Princess?

    who's your favorite Disney Princess?
    mine is Snow White
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    Hm, I suppose I'd have to say Merida. ^^
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    Well, Elsa of Frozen is my favorite Disney QUEEN.

    Mulan is the Princess - brave, cunning, and unconventional.

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    Just look at that poster, it tells you everything you need to know: Herein is depicted a woman who is fierce, fearless, and not afraid to stand up to an enemy. She is a heroine. And that film ha some of the best characters EVER. Mulan's dad is my second favourite Disney character ever.
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    Snow White, since ever ( ▽ ` ). I love her friendship with the little forest animals using her charming voice.
    (But I have to say that Elsa from Frozen is a pretty cool character, I liked her development in the movie)
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