Hi everyone,

I just became a member and finished my profile!

My name is Nancy Roussy. I may be close to forty years old but I am young at heart.

Michael Schumacher is my hero (Shumi is his nickname for me). Eric Lindros is right behind him (Biggi is his nickname for me).

I am a fan of the Dallas Stars, I never miss one second of the games. If Biggi would not of finished his carreer with them I would of stopped watching Hockey when he retired and I probably would not be here today. That team saved my life after the terrible accident Shumi had.

I am in a really awful place right now and it is not only because of what happened to Shumi. My life was always horrible but since November of 2009 it has only gone downhill, the few things that were going for me all slowly went away. Yesterday I wrote down a new plan to get out of this mess I call my life, this will be one of the countless new starts of my life so hopefully this one will work. I will take it slow and hope for the best.

I am looking forward meeting people here and using this website. Until January 24 I will be pretty busy but I will have the time to come look at this post and to try out the thirty mini games (will try them out 1 time each to see how they work and to have 1 score - then i will try to beat the records and become number 1 in each of them i will try the mini game of the big game and if i like it i will download it to play it). After this rush is gone I may or may not post in the forums but I for sure will keep on playing the games.