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    Lightbulb This Friday...!!!

    As ya'll me know allready,this Friday is a very,very special one...if you guys don't know why is that,ya'll better take a pick in a calendar XD...

    This Friday is ganna be special becouse it's Friday the 13th...thats being sayed...ya'll should realy stay away from any thing that might bring you bad luck...or things/persons that might jinx or curse you in any way posible ...

    A fun thing to do on a Friday the 13th's day (and this is my personal tradition for the Friday the 13th day's from the year) is to gather up you'r friends or fammily and pay some good old quallity time with them by watching the "Friday 13th" movie after sunset :3 ...

    Bye bye ya'll and have a wanderfull Friday the 13th's day
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