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Thread: Horror Movies

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    Smile Horror Movies

    Hey ya'll today was a verry boreing day for me...exept for that one part of the day in witch i went out with my dog and played in the fresh snow ...

    ...so when i finaly couldn't take it anymore...i asked my b.f.f. if he can give me some advice about what to do so i wouldn't stay bored all day...

    ...seeing that he was in the same condition as me, a asked he to pay me a visit...bamy will find something to do togheder xD...

    ...we tryed sevrell diferend things to do...like playing games,or watching olg cartoons/animes,or playing plane old board games...but nuthing actualy worked xD

    ...so my little sister enterd to my room saking 4 some makeups xD...and she sayed..."why don't the 2 of you watch a movie or something" xD...

    ...well we didn't have anything better to do so we starded looking up for some movies...we actualy waned to watch a comedy at 1st...but no luck in finding something good xD

    so we tought why now watch a horror movei instad xD...so thats waht we did eventualy XD...

    ...so ve found this oln movei callde "Final Destination" and seen that they ware actualy 5 movies xD...so we got the all and watch it...they ware so amazing can't wait for the 6th one if that will be posible in the future...

    ...what im triing to say is...if any of ya'll is bored or wans to see a good horror movei ya'll should realy think about watching the "Final Destination 1-5 movies"...you won't be disappointed xD...ty!!!

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    I've seen Final Destination 5 twice. Yet, I don't watch horror movies.
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    If you want an horror movie, watch Birdemic.

    It's horribly bad.

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    For a cult female orientated horror series, look into Ginger Snaps 1-3.

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    They made a third Ginger Snaps? Did not know that! I have seen the other two, both are not awful but I did not really liked them, I prefer the sequel between the two.
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    The third one wasn't numbered, so goes by the title Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning. It doesn't have much to do with the original movies or characters, it just features the same two girls playing their characters in a different time period. It feels detached (I can't remember enough to tell you if they justified the plot in connection with the first movie, but I doubt it), but is more of the two characters and their chemistry if you can't get enough. Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed has its own cult appeal, and should definitely be seen if you like the first one. Ginger Snaps Back is just a bonus semi-entertaining film, it won't matter too much if you miss it. Both sequels were shot at the same time and released in 2004.
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